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How Would We Spend The Labour Day Long Weekend If There Is No COVID-19?

Labour Day 2019 was vastly different from this year's. Most of us spent the holiday lazing at home, binge-watching on Netflix and what-nots, thinking that we have next year's long weekend to compensate for our sloppiness. Little did we know that COVID-19 would strike, and strike hard it did.

Today, most Singaporeans are forced to make do with staying home this long weekend. Instead of moping, let's take time to dream of what it could be if COVID-19 did not exist, many still have their jobs, and life could go on as per normal.

Warning: This article may bring extreme sadness to some.

Great Singapore Sale


Singapore comes in 3 seasons - wet, dry, and GSS. The Great Singapore Sale is known to virtually all Singaporeans and tourists around the world. This special season is exhibited by retailers putting on large red signs screaming massive sales all round. Typically starting around May-June, it is also the time where retailers rake in the most profits, with some having most of their annual revenue made from this period.

With little miss COVID tramping around the world, retailers are taking a hit. For us commoners, it is definitely a bittersweet moment - on one hand, having no GSS labels shouting in our faces helps our wallet, but on the other hand, we do miss seeing this iconic sale when we head out to the malls.

If you want to still give GSS a try, you can consider online shopping sites such as EZBuy, Lazada, Shopee and Qoo10, all of which are places you can find pretty good deals for almost anything.

Raya shopping

Every year, Muslims around the world start their month-long fasting in a sign of commitment to self-discipline, self-control, sacrifice and empathy for those who are less fortunate. For most Singaporean Muslims, the end of this fasting period spells a serious bout of Raya shopping to prepare for Hari Raya, which falls on 24 May this year.

Geylang Serai Market is one popular place to go for Raya shopping. However, the latest social distancing measures have made it difficult to head out and stock up on things you'll need to celebrate this exciting day.

Sad as this may be, there are still many places (online) where you can find your goodies and clothing to celebrate the big day.

1. GOBAZA.SG (Website)

One-stop digital portal for Ramadan Bazaar and beyond.

2. B. Halal (App)

Platform for buyers and sellers to connect, barter, trade, exchange and transact sales of Halal-compliant goods and services.

3. Geylang Bazaar Online (Website)

Platform for Geylang Serai merchants to hawk their wares.

4. Bazaar Raya SG 2020 (Instagram)

Account that features Ramadan sellers and their products and services.

Mother's Day celebration

The long weekend is a perfect time to celebrate Mother's Day with mommy dearest. But with most of the restaurants closed and the restrictive social distancing measures which prevent meet-ups and home visits sans for essential reasons, this Mother's Day is a hard ball to play.

Mothers are an important part of our lives as they go through physical pain and stress to bring us into this world (with daddy of course), and nurture us to be proper adults. They deserve to be pampered in a glamorous way to thank them for all they have done for us.

Because Singaporeans are calculat... I mean, good with Mathematics, most of us would try squeezing everything into this long weekend by planning a nice 7-course dinner at a restaurant, followed by a cake and maybe flowers. But with COVID-19 playing the unwanted third wheel this year, now is a good time to think about how best you can say "I love you" to mom. Here're some suggestions:

1. Learn to bake a cake

3 days should be good enough to pick up some cake-baking skills. Try to make your own cake this year instead of ordering one from GrabFood to show your sincerity. Even if it doesn't look good, cake seldom go wrong, and I'm sure your mother would be thrilled to have something you made.

There are ample cake recipes on Google, and even for those without ovens, there are no-bake cake recipes for you to choose from, such as the No-Bake Chocolate Cake.

2. Make a card with your family

If you have your own family and don't stay with your parents, now is as good a time as any to make a homemade card for mom. Rope in your wife, husband or children to make a thank-you card for her. If you don't know where to start, The Spruce Crafts has awesome tutorials to guide you along.

3. Make a music video

Technology is awesome, so why not make the most of it and make a song for your older superwoman? You can write a song for her and get your whole family to perform, or just use an available song out there. If you like to shake those creaky bones from days of staying home, TikTok offers many inspiration for dances, and you can get your siblings who don't live with you to join in to. Be creative!

4. Beauty treatment

If we could still head out, and if beauty services were an essential trade, all of us would be heading out and going for a haircut, manicure, slimming session, massage, facial... you get the drift. I'm a woman and mother, so trust me when I say women (and moms especially) take beauty seriously and it is almost considered essential in some eyes.

If you can't take the Queen or Dowager in your life out for some beauty pampering, why not put together a beauty pack for her? With online shopping, you can pull together a kick-ass pamper package for her with ease. Starting from the hair, purchase some box hair dye, followed by hair treatment bottles, skin toner and moisturiser, a UV lamp and some UV-cured nail polish and the works. I guarantee she will feel loved and this is something most women will not say no to.

There are courier services to deliver all these to mom if you don't live with her, such as Lalamove.

Go on a short trip

Glm Porntep / Getty Images

What's a long weekend without a staycation or short getaway to neighbouring countries? Unfortunately, travelling is not the best thing to do right now due to the global coronavirus threat. Still, it's no biggie. If travelling is what you want, you can try doing it the virtual way!

Google Earth’s Voyager discovery page curates a dizzying amount of country and city tours. Tours range from broad country tours like “Discover Bermuda” and “Discover Argentina” to more specific ones like “Tour the Staircases of Hong Kong” and “Tour the Onsens of Japan”.


It used to be a staple weekend activity for many, but cinemas have rolled down their shutters to help alleviate the COVID-19 situation, so we are stuck drooling at the awesome good shows coming out in theatres in other countries, such as Steve Carrell's 'Irresistable'.

Netflix and YouTube just doesn't really make up for the feeling of watching movies in cinemas, but we will have to make do with it. Consider adding plushies to your sofa or investing in a good sound system to make the experience as authentic as possible. Pull down the blinds or close the curtains and plunge yourself in total darkness. Next, select a few choice films and sit down for some good binge-watching.

And what's movies without some good popcorn? If you are looking for gourmet popcorn at a fraction of the price you would pay in the cinema, check our Uncle DiDi. The flavours are overwhelming - from salted caramel, dark chocolate, double cheese to even Milo.

Enjoy your Labour Day long weekend!

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