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How To Hygge Like A Boss At Home

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Hygge is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of cosiness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment. Pronounced as hyoo guh, it is that warmth of huddling within layers of sheets in bed, with a hot cup of milo on a rainy day. In this period where some of us may be working from home most of the time, or just for those who’s looking to turn their homes into a snuggle-fort, we’re here to share some pro-tips on how to hygge like a boss! These are just loose guidelines, your own cosiness is defined by your unique colour as a person.

Keep it Simple

A general rule of thumb to live with hygge, is to simplify things. About only surrounding yourself with the things that really make you happy, sort of similar to what Marie Kondo teaches. It’s not about the extravagance, but being contented in the small things you possess in your surroundings. Use your space for living rather than piling up stuff to store! This isn’t a competition of who has more, it’s about your relationship to your home and how you live it.

Textures and Senses

It’s no coincidence that textures play a huge role in making sure your space feels cosy, yes that feel. Just imagine, your fingertips running across the wood grain of your beautiful coffee table, body enveloped by fluffy blankets, sink into your linen armchair. It’s a wonderful return to the senses, not only innately comforting but a gratifying balance to a room.

Nature Within

The timeless pro-tip is to bring nature back into our homes, not only it helps to keep the air fresh, plants help brighten up an interior! It also softens the rigid concrete, giving the space a welcoming and homely vibe. Greens are the perfect accents to any furniture, highlights if you will. If you’re not used to keeping house plants, try out easier plant types such as succulents or small cactuses.

A Nook to Hide

Here’s where we’re putting a Danish spin on relaxing-one-corner. Danes refer to this as their hyggekrog – their nook, to get that well needed quiet alone in the comfort of their bedroom or study, whichever might be, a nook is your space. A safe place to unwind from a long day, to have that cup of tea and tune into Netflix. It’s the ultimate hygge spot in your home, use all the pro-tips to craft yourself the way to hygge at home.

Bonus Tip! Warm Lights

For some, candles work really well in combination with all the tips above, however we’re not going to discount that it can be dangerous fire hazard if left unchecked. Especially in our small apartments! The next best alternative is to get yourself a quaint little lamp, warm light, for that late evening or night glow. It’s 100% less obnoxious than those cold white ceiling lights.

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