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Hornbill Nabs Bra, Because It Can


Oriental Pied Hornbills have enjoyed a resurgence in Singapore following the success of the hornbill breeding programme conducted in 2008 and the Singapore Hornbill Project conducted in 2004. The projects were a joint effort between Jurong Bird Park, NParks, Professor Ng Soon Chye, an avid birder and one of the top gynaecologists in Singapore and French researcher Marc Cremades.

Today, hornbills are becoming a more common sight all over Singapore, much to the delight of some residents. One Redhill resident even decided after spotting one resting outside his window that it was a lucky sign and that maybe it was time to buy 4D. He has described his experience on Stomp here.

But for one unlucky resident, a hornbill’s short visit resulted in a loss of some… personal items.

Credit: u/indi_huntley

Reddit user u/indi_huntley posted a video on Tuesday, which shows a hornbill perched on the balcony railing of a condominium unit, busy removing a bra from the drying rack. It then makes off with it soon after and then drops the item on the road not far from the balcony.

Credit: u/indi_huntley

What do hornbills do when they’re not flinging our underwear on the road? Here are some easily digestible facts on Oriental Pied Hornbills.

- They mate for life.

- They only nest once a year and each clutch yields up to four eggs.

- Breeding season for hornbills in Singapore is from December to April.

- They are omnivores, foraging for fruit like palm and papaya as well as gobbling up the occasional lizard or snail. They are also known to eat smaller birds!

- Singapore has a hornbill stamp! It was released in 2004.

Credit: roots.sg

Now that you know a little more about hornbills, are you looking forward to meeting one? Have you ever seen a hornbill in your neighbourhood?

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