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Home Furnishing Tips That Are Effortless & Wallet-Friendly

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Re-furnishing can be very stressful emotionally and financially, especially for a full-house total overhaul. But it doesn’t have to be that way! A new look doesn’t mean extravagant décor or to go full out and break the bank, simplicity is key. Knowing what you need helps to narrow your focus, and having a fresh perspective helps. So we’ve come up with a few ways to change things up in your home, ranging from loose furniture to modular systems. Give them a thought before making that first, big purchase!


Beginning with the bedroom, personal hide away from the bustling world. For starters you can change out the bed frame ($299) for a fresh new look. A good bed should be easy to clean and maintain. A natural look like a wood frame’s easy on the eyes for the long run. It can also double up as a storage space, with the right kind of design and height. Another way to give your room that extra cosy atmosphere is throw in an armchair ($139.41). If you have the space for it. It’s a lovely way to have another place in your bedroom to relax, an intermediate spot for other kinds of activities such as reading or doing some light work. An added dimension to the life of the room.

Study Room

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For those who are planning for a study room, this will be the quintessential space for all your work and happenings. Get a study table ($188) that’s comfortable for you, the right height and length with the necessary drawers or not. The table should be intuitive to your needs. We also encourage having some wall shelves ($11.80), an alternate storage system besides your desk or loose boxes on the floor. Keeps clutter away from the ground, and adds a layer of design to plain walls without needing a feature. Plus, you can display your favourite figurines or collectables, a proper nook for your trinkets.

Living Room

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Onto the living room, the heart of the home. It’s the space that’s occasionally shared with others, gatherings with our friends and family. One way to approach this is to get a good sofa ($342), straightforward with maintenance with a timeless design. It’ll be heavily utilized, so it’s best you’ll be happy to have it for quite a while. If you’d like a little flare in the designs, why not opt for floor lamps ($17)? It’s a great way to switch between cool and warm lights when settling into the evening. It’s the small things that help tie up the space, not overloading the senses keeping the room easy for to eyes.


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Whether or not you’re someone who cooks on the daily or not, it’s imperative to have a decent kitchen. Go with the basics, an elementary set of a countertop ($420) with the necessities and cabinets for storage. A neat modular system that integrates neutral and natural colours helps give a homey feel, it might just encourage us take-out addicts to give home cooking another go. For extra storage a way to balance out the countertop is to have a mobile storage ($39.90), a small part of the kitchen could be dedicated to that. Loose furniture allows for flexibility for changes in the future should the need arises.


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Bathrooms are tricky due to its small space, it houses many small loose toiletry items, and we all are quick to get cabinets and clothes bins to give order to a messy place. However, the small highlights of the bathroom can add to the change of a new look. The mirror, quite important, and sometimes overlooked. A big mirror ($28.70) can give an illusion of the space enlarging, a mirror that has too much bling can worsen that morning dread before work. An effective use of the mirror is allowing it to blend into bathroom, but highlight the nook above the sink, like a checkpoint. Now, a bathroom can also be deeply personal, design eccentricities should be to your own flavour, however adding a bit of greens can be a good idea. Not only plants help keep it fresh, but also fitting as we usually wind down during showers.


Credit: Ikea

A bonus for those who are looking to dress up their balconies, aside from getting an electric fan, consider getting an outdoor table set ($64) for a unique lounging experience. A quaint corner for quiet and peace, a semi-outside space. If you haven’t littered the balcony with other décor items already, a foldable floor chair ($36.90) or mat could give you that unique napping spot. If not for naps, a solitude outside the conventional home areas.

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