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Have You Tried Nam Kee Pau Yet?

Credit: @fatmomo, Nam Kee Pau

The well-known franchise Nam Kee Pau which hails from Johor Bahru, Malaysia, now has a solid foothold in the stomachs of Singaporeans in the form of 25 outlets countrywide. From Centrepoint to City Square Mall, from Tiong Bahru Plaza to TANGS Market, masses of Singaporeans every day make their pilgrimage to the nearest Nam Kee Pau outlet for their pau fix. Nam Kee Pau is so successful that they are still expanding, despite the pandemic and are due to open their new outlet at Bedok Mall soon!

Nam Kee Pau’s fame largely comes from their chunky, juicy paus.

In fact, look up reviews on Nam Kee Pau online and a common theme quickly emerges: they do not skimp on ingredients. Their buns are chock full of good stuff and are an excellent choice for a quick but satisfying lunch.

Review after review online mention the words “generous” and “filling” in quick succession after one another. And they are not wrong.

After all, even someone used to wolfing down food with ease would likely find it challenging to finish the Amy Yip Pau ( $4 ), which is more than TWICE the size of their big pau, at a whopping 14cm in diameter.

Credit: Nam Kee Pau

The Amy Yip Pau is crammed full with delicious pieces of steamed pork, lup cheong and boiled egg as humanly possible. The bun’s exterior is also thick and fluffy, all the better to make sure the goodness inside doesn’t leak out!

If you cannot quite commit to finishing an entire Amy Yip Pau, the Big Pau ( $1.80 ) has everything the Amy Yip Pau has except for the lup cheong.

Credit: Nam Kee Pau

The pork is just as well-marinated, flavourful and juicy, the hard-boiled egg just as tasty. There’s just less of everything because it is a pau of reasonable size and not a monstrous Amy Yip Pau.

Filled with fragrant red char siew, their Char Sau Pau ( $0.90 ) is also amazingly sweet and soft.

Credit: Nam Kee Pau

There is also a tang of saltiness in the Char Sau Pau, which enhances the overall flavour of the pau and balances it out with some savoury deliciousness.

The next time you find yourself facing a deadline, consider Nam Kee Pau for a pitstop. Due for a quick catching-up session with an old friend? The casual, old-timey ambience of Nam Kee Pau is perfectly suited for relaxation – provided you can find a quiet corner!

Hungry yet? If you are, we raise you the list of all the Nam Kee Pau outlets on their website.

Or if you would like to stock up on pau in your fridge, to steam and eat whenever the mood strikes, you can also ask for cold paus. Last but definitely not least, Nam Kee Pau has launched their Abalone Pau and Abalone Lor Mai Gai. Currently, these items can only be ordered directly from their website here.

Nam Kee Pau

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This article is made possible by Nam Kee Pau, specialising in traditional handmade pau from the authentic recipe of the famous Nam Kee Pau in JB, Malaysia.


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