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Halloween DIY: Easy To Make And Adorable Ghost Meringues!

Credit: @kalynkepner, @megnmatcha

Come next Saturday, it will be the last day of the month. You know what that means: Halloween! Wherever you will be this Hallows’ Eve, celebrating safely of course, you can present this one simple dish guaranteed to impress and amuse your friends and family.

Spooky yet adorable Ghost Meringues.

Credit: @megnmatcha

Aren’t they adorable?

Let’s get right to it.

Ingredients You Need

2 large egg whites ¼ teaspoon almond extract ½ teaspoon vanilla extract 1- ½ teaspoon of chocolate chips ½ cup sugar cream of tartar A.K.A. potassium bitartrate OPTIONAL: ½ cup powdered sugar

NOTE: A cup in baking terms is about 16 tablespoons. So you agak-agak from there, OK?

Other Things You Need Baking paper Baking tray Piping bag with round tip OR Ziploc bag with tip cut off Whisk A Spatula or thin knife (to remove baked goods from the tray) Mixing Bowl An oven Oven mitts, or some kitchen cloth An airtight container that can fix approximately 12 – 20 meringue ghosts.

First step: Preheat oven to 230 º

Second step: Using a plain ol’ whisk? Get ready for a bit of a workout.

Credit: Cleo Coyle

If you’re using a Kitchenaid mixer, lucky you! Set it to medium and combine the egg whites with cream of tartar. When soft, pokey little mountain peaks start forming in the mixture, you’ll know it’s time to put the sugar in. You’ll want to be whisking hard while you add the sugar bit by bit. This means high speed. If you’re using powdered sugar, now you’ll want to gradually add that in.

Beat until the little peaks become harder and more defined. Now add your almond and vanilla extract. Mix well.

Third step: Flex your arm if you don’t have a Kitchenaid mixer and feel the burn. Transfer the mixture into a piping bag with a round tip or a Ziploc bag with a corner cut off. Lower the tip onto the baking paper on the tray. Now carefully pipe your little ghosts into existence!

Credit: Sunset Magazine

Remember to add the chocolate chips to make ghostly little faces. If you’re kind of clumsy, like me, you might want to use chopsticks or even tweezers to put them on.

Fourth step: Put your ghosts in the oven. Bake for an hour. Turn oven off and leave them inside for another 45 mins or until they are set and dry.

Fifth step: With a thin spatula or knife, remove ghosts from baking paper with care.

Credit: @ellyfavorites

Transfer your ghosts to an airtight container.

That was quite a bit of fun, wasn’t it? What I like about this recipe is that you can tweak several things very easily.

You can choose if you want any powdered sugar at all. Or you can lower the sugar content for healthier meringues so you can have more of them. Also, the expressions on the ghosts can be anything you like. If you’re good at piping, you can even give each ghost a different expression! Don’t want just white ghosts? Separate your mixtures in different batches and add a different shade of food colouring to each!

Because these are easy to make and yet so pleasing to look at, some people use their ghosts as accessories for their cakes and cupcakes.

Credit: @sweetcakes.by.regina

With Halloween still a week away, now is plenty of time to plan your trip to the supermarket to pick up all you need. Are you looking forward to baking these yet?


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