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Grocery Vouchers or Cold Hard Cash?

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If you told me it was just one Singaporean who placed the grocery vouchers they received from the Government, up online for sale, I would have just brushed the matter away. But just by typing the phrase “grocery vouchers” on the search engine of Carousell, there are already seven listings.

However, my heart soon turned soft when I read netizens’ comments on how these owners could possibly need cash more. You see, these grocery vouchers were issued by the government for low-income families living in 1-2 room flats. Eligible Singaporeans need to be at least 21 years of age and not own more than one property to be a recipient.

According to the Ministry of Finance (MOF), over 150,000 Singaporeans will be given these vouchers. The first batch will be mailed in October 2020 following another in December 2020. The beneficiaries will receive the last batch in 2021 as well.

These vouchers are not to be confused with the Community Development Councils (CDC) ones which were to be used at participating hawker stalls.

Many of the Carousell-ers put forth straightforwardly their need for cash and that no low-ballers will be entertained.

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Netizens expressed their views on the effectiveness of such vouchers in a Reddit thread.

Credit: Reddit

Some mentioned how “Cash is King” and that people too have different preferences even when it comes to grocery shopping. Some might rather choose the wet market due to price differences in produce. Or perhaps there were other pressing needs such as utilities which a family would need monetary support in.

Credit: Reddit

On the other hand, some netizens felt that giving vouchers was better than cash payouts. The fixed usage of vouchers ensures accountability since the incentive could only be spent on necessities.

Credit: Reddit

There are many layers underneath to consider. What are your perspectives on this? Regardless of your stand, let's take a step back to exercise compassion and restraint in our comments on the Internet. There's always more to what we see.


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