Fun TikTok Challenges, Tutorials & Hacks To Become A Social Media Master

Seeking for more ideas and inspirations for the clout? Maybe you are finding out interesting ways and hacks to add to your social arsenal? Or following these challenges and hacks just to past some time at home? We’ve got you covered.

We are sharing some of the killer photography hacks, viral challenges and just some really cool finds on TikTok for you to try!

Photography Hacks

#1 Dat Whimsical Feel

Fairy lights not only helps to create a romantic atmosphere, it’s a great small source of lighting for profile shots.

#2 Spot It!

DIY spotlight using your camera phone, a tripod and a toilet roll!

#3 Old News

‘Look ma! I’m on the news’… not quite, but almost there with some help of old newspapers, a phone torch, tripod and toilet roll.

#4 Imma Bookworm

You know those books collecting dust on your bookshelf? It’s the best time to use it as a prop or background with this photography hack.

#5 Foodpwn

From personal experience, food photos usually gain more likes and views, especially a close-up shot with great bokeh (the ‘blurred’ background’). This Tiktok video shows hows you can recreate it at home.

#6 $_$ (Money-faced)

Money, money, money! You can choose to use a stack of $50 notes, $10, $2 or even Monopoly money. We’re not judging. Just make it rain.

#7 It Won't B Flat

Following the same idea of narrowing the focus by using a toilet roll or rolling up a sheet of paper, this video is great for musicians who have scoresheets to spare and an instrument to pose with for that added effect.

#8 Cover Page

Kids, try this at home only if you have lots of magazines and time to spare.

#9 Singapore's Next Top Model

This hack is probably one that is the easiest to achieve because no extra props are needed apart from your outfit and accessories. Oh, and great editing skills.

#10 Lone Ranger

Sometimes, bigger is better.

#11 Part-Fantasy-Part-Horror

Why have only 1 arrow to direct the viewer’s focus to a subject when you can have many arrows all at once, and with rainbow colours to boot?

#12 Classic Silhouette

Shadow play has never been this interesting.

#13 Electro Tunnel

Don’t let those snack bags go to waste.

#14 Face Mask

Since when do we use the cling wrap for our faces? Since TikTok!

#15 High AF

Quarantined at home, alone and don’t want to get out of bed? Try this!

TikTok challenges have been all the rage since its inception and surge in popularity. We last shared about TikTok challenges about a month ago but when it comes to ‘viralbility’ on social media, even a week feels like ages. So here are some new TikTok challenges to try out.

#1 A Pop Of Für Elise

Any dancers in the house? This is for you. You probably need some kind of hand-body-leg isolation to ace this dance challenge.

#2 Shake Dat Booty

What am I watching? Flips hair-twist hips-turn-turn-shake-flips hair. Is that the routine?

#3 Cool Drop Challenge

So, this #CoolDropChallenge is basically nodding your head so forcefully that your shades ‘drops’ and lands perfectly to cover your eyes. Then sway your hips with one hand up like you’re holding for your dear life in an MRT ride.

#4 Wipe It Like It's Hot

We hope you have been cleaning your house regularly. If not, while you attempt this #WipeItDownChallenge, please, really clean your mirror, okay? So, gist of it is your reflection that appears while you are cleaning is either a glamorous self (because, that’s what most TikTok challenges are) or someone else like what Preetipls did.

#5 Behind The Scenes of #4

How to do it? We knew you were going to ask that. So here’s a tutorial if you are interested to try this at home.

Perhaps you are not interested in all these weird, I mean, unique challenges. If you spend more time on the app, you can actually find enriching content that suits your interest. There are millions or even billions or videos on Tik Tok – from fitness, dance, cooking, science and craft projects. Some of the art and craft videos look rather easy for beginners to attempt. Have a shot!

#1 Colour My World

Blending of colours to paint realistic-looking clouds may look like a job for Picasso, but hey, if this lady can do it, so can you!

#2 Layering

When you have mastered the art of blending, add in the details like trees and silhouettes of people by painting it solid black. This video shows how easy it can be achieved with the help of stencils.

#3 This Is Where You Draw The Line

So you think you can’t draw or paint. How about just drawing lines, over and over again? Sounds doable, yeah?

#4 Make A Mess

The beauty about pour painting is there is no right or wrong, only beautiful.

#5 Pencil Secret

Do your art supplies at home include watercolour pencils? If so, sharpen those pencils and start on watercolour projects like the flower in this video.

If you successfully attempted one of the above challenges, we want to see it! Share with us your TikTok videos by tagging us on Instagram and Facebook!

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