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Fun Foods You Can Cook In Air Fryer That Actually Works

Credit: @_wasabi, Eat What Tonight

It's hard to find a household in Singapore that does not own an air fryer these days. It is one of the most versatile domestic appliance which allows you to "fry" all sorts of yummy food. Whoever invented this, THANK YOU!

Air fryers work by circulating hot air using the convection method too cook the food and create the crispy outer layer you see on fried food. It's not really frying - more like baking - but it is amazing the quality of food that can be produced from this tiny machine. We've heard of people frying fries and nuggets (the most basic!) to even making small cakes within this convection genius. But what other things can you make in an air fryer?


When we think of churros, we think of the complicated steps to make this delicious snack; and so we end up ordering them in instead. But churros need not be a daunting process, when you got an air fryer! All you need are some common household ingredients and viola! You've got cafe-standard yums.

Check out the recipe here.

Kopitiam-style soft boiled eggs

Credit: Eat What Tonight

Making Singapore's signature kopitiam soft boiled eggs is an art form in itself; it requires a honed instinct and a in-depth knowledge of temperature and egg sizes. Many have tried their hands at making some only to end up with medium-done eggs which we try to wash down with more soy sauce and pepper. So here is the best air fryer soft boiled egg recipe!

Grilled cheese sandwich

It's in the middle of the night and you're craving for grilled cheese sandwiches. You don't want to use the pan because it's troublesome and your clothes will stink of grilled cheese the next morning. So you take out the iron and... WAIT! There's the air fryer and it does the job just fine. And if the above scenario sounds familiar to you, it's time you look at the recipe here.


It's the quintessential movie night snack, but you want to put your feet up to relax instead of standing by the pan watching the corn kernels pop in case they burn. With an air fryer, all your need to do is pour the seeds in and let it do its magical work! Recipe here.


Air fryer steaks? Get out! If you're hesitating to put a slab of that meat into an air fryer, listen up. Oven-cooked steaks are perfect because of the convection unit circulating the air all around, cooking steaks like a pro. And guess what? Air fryers make use of the same technology too; so why not cook your steaks in one of them? Throw in some hand-cut potatoes in the second batch to make the sides after that! See the recipe here.

Lava cake

Credit: Momma Told Me

Why pay $7 for a lava cake in a restaurant when you can make it easily for $1.50 at home? The air fryer lava cake is lusciously molten and fun to make AND eat. It's the perfect midday pick-me-up, any day of the week! If you're looking to make this popular cake, check out the recipe here.

Looking for an air fryer? Check out the wide range of affordable kitchen appliances on online shopping sites like Shopee and Lazada! Also keep your homes and family members safe by looking out for the SAFETY mark when shopping for electronics!

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