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Do You Believe Yummy Fried Chicken Makes Everything Better?

Credit: @ffshungry, @stellachuacs

Fried chicken, one of the kings of comfort food. Its universal charm is such that poems have been written about it. There’s even an entire day every year, 6 July, set aside for National Fried Chicken Day in the United States. In Japan, millions of Japanese gather at Christmas to eat fried chicken together with their family members.

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So, chances are that you, dear reader, are also a fan of fried chicken.

If you’re thinking of chomping down on some fried chicken with your family, why not make sure of KFC’s 2 – 4pm weekday deal?

Credit: KFC Singapore

Either get a 10 piece chicken set for $18 or if you need a little something extra, spend $24 and get two cheese fries along with your chicken set. Note that this deal will only emerge during the 2 – 4pm on weekdays, like a shy and rarely spotted endangered animal. Click here for KFC's menu!

If you’re more of a Popeyes fan, good news. Popeyes is also running a promotion on their fried chicken, which will last until 7 December.

Experience their new Cheesy Pop Chicken together with family and friends at just $30.90 per platter. You’ll 4 pieces of Cheesy Pop Chicken, 2 pieces of Chicken, 4 Drumlets, 1 large Mashed Potato, 1 large Cajun Rice and 1 bowl of Garlic Rice. The usual price, by the way, would have set you back $44.70.

Credit: Popeyes Singapore

Dining alone? You can head on over to Popeye’s website to download coupons you can use while eating at the restaurant or if you’re ordering to take-away. Enjoy such deals as a Tender and Mash for just $3.00 versus the usual $4.60. Sounds like the perfect snack!

What are your thoughts on fried chicken? Do you like the American style fried chicken or the spicy Korean style fried chicken that comes drizzled in gangjeong?


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