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Encik Tan, The Halal Eatery That’s A Hit With Singaporeans

Credit: Encik Tan

When one thinks of cheap comfort food, the iconic hawker centre is usually the first to pop up in the mind. We all love hawker food but not everyone is able to withstand the punishing heat that comes with eating at one; and eateries in shopping malls are usually a little on the pricier side.

That's why we love Encik Tan.

At $4 for a bowl of laksa and $4.50 for a curry chicken cutlet set, their prices definitely fall within the affordable range. And it's not just the pricing - take a look at some of the dishes on the menu and you know what I mean.

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Not only will you be dining in a cool and comfortable seating, you also get to indulge in food that's satisfying and delicious.

Drinks are only $1 with any mains, and you can choose from a wide range of typical kopitiam drinks like teh, kopi, water chestnut and more. Speaking about mains, there are so many dishes we love from Encik Tan that it's a little hard to start. We'll try. Here are the mains we highly recommend when you take a trip down to an Encik Tan outlet:

Fried Fish Set

How many of us have been woken up from an afternoon nap by the smell of batang fish frying in the wok? That iconic golden-orange cross section of a fried fish that we all see in zhup cai png (economical rice) stalls.

Credit: Encik Tan

Just look at that.

Served with a slap of sunny side up eggs fried a la Singapura; and a generous heaping of Hainanese-style curry and curry vegetables, the Fried Fish Set is a dish that will place you right at home.

Fried Prawn Set

And if you're not a fan of fish, how about their cousin from the sea? Like the set above, the Fried Prawn Set comes with the same sides.

Credit: Encik Tan

The light batter that coats these prawns gives them an extra crunch, plus they are excellent at soaking up all the curry without getting soggy.

Curry Chicken Drumstick Set

Credit: Encik Tan

I'm convinced that Singaporeans make up a large part of Curry Chicken eaters around the world. After all, every racial group here has their way of making their own version of this dish. So this one should be hard to go wrong, right? Topped with a succulent drumstick, this is the best seller by far.

I'm sure you would have noticed the curry by now; all of these food items are drenched with it. We all know how important the curry when it comes to cai png. At Encik Tan, you'll find that their curry is aromatic with a tinge of sweetness - not too spicy - which goes perfectly well even with plain rice. And don't worry, it definitely doesn't look like they stinge on the curry AT ALL.

With 19 outlets all over Singapore, it's a pretty good bet you'll find an Encik Tan near you. For outlet information, visit their website here.

What are you having for dinner today?

This article is made possible by Encik Tan, a Halal Chinese food concept eatery loved by Singaporeans.


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