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Discover The Hidden Meaning For These 5 Disney Deaths

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Disney - as beautiful as some of their storylines are - also comes with some pretty emotional deaths in their movies

Tadashi in Big Hero 6

In Big Hero 6, Hiro’s brother, Tadashi, runs into a raging fire to try to save lives. He never made it out. His death becomes even more tragic when it is discovered that the very person he tried to save was actually the person who ignited the fire. Yeap, Tadashi died trying to save the villain. This tragic turn of events has taught us that heroes do not always survive.

Bambi’s mother

In the 1942 film, Bambi’s mother, consort to the Great Prince of the Forest, brought Bambi out into the forest to forage for food. Bambi’s mother often taught him about surviving in the forest. It was on a harsh winter day when she sensed danger lurking. She tells him to run as fast as he can and not to look back.

And run Bambi did. After he returns to the den, he turns around and tries to call out to his mother. His mother was nowhere to be seen and he has no idea what happened.

It takes him a while to realise that his mother’s advice, to run away and not look back was because she didn’t want him to witness her getting killed by the hunter.

Mufasa’s death in The Lion King

In the original 1994 and the 2019 remake of the iconic Lion King, Mufasa dies after trying to save his son, Simba, from a stampede. He almost makes it out by climbing up the cliff but required help from his brother, Scar. Scar decides to push him off the edge of the cliff back into the stampede and he died.

In a lot of the cartoons and movies that we have seen as a kid, most of the characters hanging off a cliff would probably be rescued in the very last minute. Scar’s choice of pushing Mufasa back into the stampede forces us to deal with the fact that the hero doesn’t always get a good ending. It is a little difficult for kids to wrap their head around, especially during the scene where Simba pleads with his father to wake up.

Ellie in Up

In the movie Up, we are presented with a grumpy and bitter old man Carl, and his balloon house. He seems to have a typical temperament of someone his age but in actual fact, he is of a gentle, loving character. Even though Ellie was never a present character in the movie, the movie throws us back to Carl’s younger self and his life with Ellie. We get to know Ellie and Carl, and understand their hopes and dreams. This helps us to all understand why Carl became the withdrawn man that he was in the beginning of the movie – because he lost someone he loved so much.

Coral from Finding Nemo

In the beginning of the movie Finding Nemo, Coral, Nemo’s Mom, was attacked by a predatory fish. She tried to protect her brood of eggs but did not survive. One egg made it and Marlin named it Nemo. Marlin becomes overprotective which causes Nemo to feel suffocated and oppressed.

After almost losing Nemo, Marlin begins to see that he should have allowed Nemo more freedom. Dory goes on to say that “You can’t let nothing happen to him, because then nothing will happen to him.”

The above applies more to the parents watching than the children. As parents, we can be a little protective at times. Finding a balance between letting our children grow up versus allowing them to put themselves in dangerous situations can be difficult.

Do these Disney deaths tug at your heartstrings? Did we miss out any of your favourite iconic death scenes? Do let us know in the comments if we did!

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