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Eat: $2 Full-Sized Chashu-Don At Takagi Ramen

Pictured above: Chashu-don from Takagi Ramen | Credit: Takagi Ramen

Takagi Ramen is offering a $2 Chashu-don promotion at all their outlets to satisfy those Japanese food cravings!

At a full serving size, this dish is guaranteed to fill you up. Each bowl comes topped with two large slices of delectable chashu, creamy egg mayo and spring onions which help boost the umami flavour. The rice is drenched in teriyaki sauce which is fragrant but not salty.

This humble ramen place is no stranger to cheap food. In fact, they pride themselves in bringing authentic Japanese food to ordinary Singaporeans. Despite its wallet-friendly pricing, quality is not comprised.


Now, $2 may seem like nothing much to most of us, but there are some who worry about where to get their next meal from. Takagi Ramen is offering free meals to those who are a little tight or are unable to pay for whatever reason - just approach the staff, no questions asked!

We ordered our Chashu-dons (along with a side of octopus takoyaki balls) from Grabfood like good stay-home people do. After being tossed along the journey, the food presentation is nothing to shout about, but boy does the food taste yummy. And they are not lying about the full-sized portion!

Though you can't see it, each slice of protein in palm-sized and oh-so-soft. The takoyaki balls are also the softest we've ever eaten and they literally burst in your mouth. The octopus filling could be a little bigger, but given the price it still extremely reasonable.

This promotion is available at all their outlets, as well as takeout and delivery. Visit Takagi Ramen for more details.

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