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Durian Mookata, Ang Ku Kueh & Whisky: The Next Durian-Themed Food You'll Want To Try

It's the most delectable time of the year for some - durian season! This uniquely southeast asian season typically occurs between June and September. During this time, you'll notice more durian stalls popping up around the island. The selection can be overwhelming; the durians bear names like code names from the army's open mobilisation - D101, Golden Pheonix, Black Pearl and Red Prawn, anyone?

With such avid enthusiasm for this thorny fruit, it's not surprising to find food fare which has been inspired by it. So if you have a craving and an itch to scratch, let this list inspire you.

King Durian Mookata

Yes, you're looking at pieces of actual durian flesh - seed and all - inside a crock of thick broth. Durian steamboats or mookata is nothing new, but they remain a menu choice reserved for the adventurous. Given its peculiar combination, it's not surprising that sentiments has been split between absolute horror and euphoria. Regardless, durian steamboats are something that should be on everybody's gastronomic bucket list. The King Durian Mookata is available at Charcoal Thai. However, you'll have to wait till dine-in is allowed to try this!

Durian Pizza

Since the invention of this Italian delicacy, the doughy surfaces of pizzas have all but become canvasses for weird ingredients - from $2,000 gold-leaf toppings to baked beans slosh (eww!). Now, another strong contender has joined the foray. Durians may have a bad rep internationally, but it has definitely caught the attention of Singaporeans, especially as a pizza topping. Tino's Pizza Café Singapore serves up Mao Shan Wang and D24 durian pizzas on their menu, and you can order them right to your doorstep!

Durian Whisky

Made from "100 percent pure, delicious flesh of the Musang King durian", this alcoholic beverage is sure to raise eyebrows and turn heads. We're told since young that durians and alcohol should not be consumed together, so try it at your own demise. Well, The Durian Whisky apparently busted this myth and guarantees that drinking their durian whisky will not be dangerous - sans for mild reactions such as unsteady gait and bloating. Curious now? Try this drink by ordering here.

Durian Desserts

Durians have made their way into our snacks and desserts to become instagrammable dishes, despite their coarse and unfriendly appearances. We've picked out some unique ones for you:

Durian Ang Ku Kueh

Ji Xiang Confectionery

This traditional pastry needs no introduction. And so does Ji Xiang Confectionery, known for their handmade kuehs and snaking queues at their shopfront. The durian ang ku kueh was launched a few years ago and is still largely popular, perfect for a quick snack. You can order and get them delivered to you too!

Durian Salat

The Chalk Farm

In a twist of the usual Nonya kueh salat, this cake is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Made with the premium Mao Shan Wang or Wang Zong Wang durians, this baked confectionery does not come cheap. A 2kg cake goes for $165, but when it comes to durians, they're definitely worth their weight in gold.

Mao Shan Wang Burnt Cheesecake

Keong Saik Bakery

Someone over-baked a cheesecake one day, and called it a new invention. But who knows burnt cheesecake tastes so good? Add to it a strong dose of Mao Shan Wang durian and you have heaven in your mouth. It's best to pre-order this!

Durian Alaska

Undercover Asia

In this variation of the baked Alaska, Ding Dong has created a durian-infused dessert, made to look like one too. It's made with delicately-piped meringue, sablé (a french shortbread cookie), pandan chiffon sponge cake, durian ice cream and house-made durian kaya. Yum! You'll have to wait till dine-in is allowed to try this out though.

We'll never know what else is the next dish made with this exotic fruit! Have you come across any other unique durian-inspired treats? Share with us through our Facebook and Instagram!

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