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Dad Makes Mini Replicas Of Traditional Lanterns

Credit: flyoffcourse, mural painted by Yip Yew Chong

Do you remember being a kid during Mid Autumn Festival? Your parents would sit down with you to make some hand-made lanterns. Or perhaps, it was something you did in school with your friends. Your teacher provided the craft paper, colorful translucent films, little candles and a long chopstick for the handle.

If you are unsure what I’m talking about, that’s okay! I’m talking about the Lantern Festival, which occurs during Mid Autumn Festival.

During nightfall, kids would roam their neighbourhood with their friends and family with their home-made lanterns. These lanterns were well-known for burning up in seconds as soon as they hit the ground. Kids can’t help being clumsy, so some parents would make extras for replacement purposes.

Singaporeans born after 2000 are unlikely to remember galivanting about with these traditional lanterns in their hands. LEDs have replaced the capricious candles that were once the cause of many fires. Instead of a fish or a dragon assembled at home or in school, you’re more likely to see a Pokemon or Doraemon LED lantern.

One Singaporean Dad has decided to make mini versions of these old classics, sharing them on reddit this afternoon.

Credit: Wilfred Cheah

Credit: Wilfred Cheah

Fun fact: The creator of these miniatures, Wilfred Cheah, is a skilled artist and trained architect who makes miniatures of iconic Singapore buildings and settings in his spare time. He describes his art as “trash to treasure” and himself as a “recyclable cardboard miniature artist”. He is also a former Warrant Officer of the Singapore Armed Forces Commando Formation.

Credit: Wilfred Cheah

His works have been shared widely on reddit, earning him lots of fans.

Here is his rendition of the ubiquitous convenience shop you find in HDB estates all over:

Credit: Wilfred Cheah

You can find more pictures of his works on his Facebook artist page, titled My Studio Associates.

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