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Chilling Unsolved Murder Mysteries in Singapore

Credit: The Official Khaled Talib

Murder cases are rarely heard of in Singapore. The Singapore Police Force

is known to crack down on these cases rather quickly and the judiciary system here takes a serious stance in prosecuting the accused. Here are some murder cases that were somehow never solved.

East Coast Park Lighthouse Attack

Ms Tan Ah Hong and Mr James Soh were having a romantic night out at an #OGdatingspot- East Coast Park, on 15 May 1990 when 2 masked assailants attacked them. Both of them sustained injuries but only Mr Soh survived. Miss Tan died from a #vicious stab wound to her neck.

Authorities never recovered any weapons. Police suspected the attackers to be foreign robbers, but the case remains unsolved! Was this simply a case of #badluck? Or were there other motives involved? Nobody knows even until today!

Body in HDB Water Tank

Credit: Home and Decor

On 16 May 2011, the residents of a Woodlands HDB block noticed that their tap water looked different than usual. The water ran yellow and foamy #gross. Authorities end up finding Ms Ruliyawati, dead in one of the water tanks.

Initial investigations let to the arrest of her boyfriend, Mr Repon. After further investigations, it was revealed that the victim was suicidal and tried to make a #suicidepact with Mr Repon. He followed Ms Ruliyawati to the rooftop after she threatened to stab herself if he didn’t. #emotionalblackmail much.

Mr Repon left the rooftop due to her aggressive behavior and she ended up drowning. Due to the lack of evidence, Mr Repon is now a free man and the case is classified as unsolved. #yikes

Bukit Batok Rape and Assault

In 2000, a 27-year-old female jogger was sexually assaulted while jogging in the park alone. She was raped and then clubbed on her head by her attacker. #savage attack!

Passersby heard her cries for help and dialed for the authorities. She was rushed to hospital but did not survive her ordeal. There was a reward of $80,000 #bounty put up for information of the attacker, but he was never found.

Unexplained Shooting in Queenstown

Credit: Good Morning Yesterday

On 18 September 1972, a 22-year-old seamstress called Cheng Li Zhen was with her sister in Queenstown when she suddenly screamed and collapsed #weird. She was immediately brought to Singapore General Hospital and pronounced dead due to a gunshot wound to her chest. #brutal #gorydeath

Authorities narrowed down the bullet to that of a handgun and removed their initial suspicions of a sniper hiding in one of the neighboring blocks. Some people suspected that it might have been a #gang related drive-by shooting, but there are others who said that it was from an accidental discharge from a handgun from nearby Police Reserve Clinic. Either way, no one was ever arrested for his or her involvement in this murder case. The case remains one of the highest profile #mystery of Singapore today. #creepy

Body abandoned in Bukit Batok

Credit: Find A Grave

On 22 May 1985, a 18 year old student named Winnifred Teo Suan Lie left her house for Bukit Batok Nature Park. She never returned home. The authorities found her naked body lying in the undergrowth near Old Holland Road #omg #cruel. She suffered from multiple stab wounds on her neck and her autopsy showed that she was sexually assaulted. She died of massive bleeding from her stab wounds. No one was convicted of her murder. #barbaric stuff!

Decomposing Body dumped in Suitcase

Credit: SRX

In 2008, Miss Tan Lay Lan’s decomposing body was found hidden in a suitcase in her apartment after neighbors reported a foul stench coming out of her house. #yucks #gross #vicious People reported seeing her getting out of a cab with an unknown man near Chai Chee Avenue where she resided. According to autopsy reports, Miss Tan was strangled to death but her murderer was never found.

Do these unsolved murder cases cause a chill down your spine? We do hope that the police can eventually bring down the numbers of murder cases in Singapore.

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