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ChaTraMue Has Landed At Paya Lebar Quarter Mall

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Good news for Thai Milk Tea addicts: the granddaddy of Thai Milk Tea itself has landed in Singapore. They open tomorrow, on the 29th of August, at Paya Lebar Quarter Mall.

I’m talking about ChaTraMue, of course.

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The company was founded by Chinese immigrants who came to Thailand in the 1920s. Soon after they began life in Thailand, they started a tea import business. But ChaTraMue (pronounced cha-ta-mer) only really began in earnest in 1945, which was the year they began importing red tea leaves. And the year they began making Thai Milk Tea with the new red leaves. Oh, and they added ice to the drinks.


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75 years later, they have outlets in 8 different countries worldwide, ranging from China to Brunei. And now, they are here in Singapore!

You can get the classic iced Thai Milk Tea for $3.80 or the hot version for those cold rainy days at $3.20.

They also have iced Thai Black Tea at $3.60 and $3.00 for the hot Thai Black Tea.

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For those that require a stronger caffeine rush, opt for their O’Lieng Thai Black Coffee, which is aromatic and strong without being overpowering. The distinct taste of traditional Thai coffee comes from a blend of unique ingredients. Typically that would be robusta coffee beans with ingredients like corn, sesame seeds and soya beans!

Credit: ChaTraMue

There are many, many more drinks available to choose from, including Matcha Green Tea and Honey Oolong Tea.

If you can’t decide what to drink, you can always eat it.

Credit: @ojaclly

ChaTraMue’s soft serve ice creams come in 3 flavours: Thai Milk Tea, Green Milk Tea or blended.

So, if you can’t decide what to eat either, you can always opt for the blended 😊

Getting There

Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ) Mall is a minute’s walk from Paya Lebar MRT, which is on the green line. ChaTraMue is located on the first level, at #01-38.

Personally, I will wait a little before trying because this is what I expect PLQ Mall to look like tomorrow:

Credit: weibo

What about you? Will you be part of the first Singaporeans to try ChaTraMue at PLQ Mall? What are you looking forward to drink?

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