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Chateraise Singapore Introduces Limited Edition’s Yamanashi Cakes & Tart

Credit: Chateraise Singapore

Well, we all know that certain fruits grow seasonally, like the crowd favourite king of fruits, durians. Right now, it's peach-and-grape season in Yamanashi, a place known to be the top producer of peaches and grapes in Japan. Due to this sweet season, Chateraise has introduced limited edition confections featuring white peach, shine muscat and pione grapes! #MouthWatering

Yamanashi White Peach Tart & Cake

Yamanashi white peaches are known to be #big and #juicy and one of the tastiest peaches! Now you can enjoy these peaches in the form of desserts in Chateriase. A Yamanashi White Peach Tart costs about $7.20; a slice of Yamanashi White Peach Cake costs about $5.80; while whole tarts and cakes costs about $28. Apart from these, you can also check out their Real White Peach Cake ($6.80) which looks like the actual peach emoji 🍑!

Pione Grapes

Japanese grapes are usually much sweeter than regular grapes and pione grapes have a gummy candy-like taste, similar to kyoho grapes. If you are a grape lover, you can try the Yamanashi Shine Muscat Pione Cake ($5.80), Yamanashi Shi Muscat and Pione Parfait ($10), or Yamanashi Shine Muscat Tart ($7.20). Other than that, you'll find whole versions of these cakes and tarts (from $28) too!

You can get these fruity bakes from Chateriase’s physical outlets, or you can pre-order them for pick-up or doorstep delivery here.


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