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Catch Free Screenings Of Wild Rice's Emily Of Emerald Hill And Other Exciting Performances Online

Pictured above: Emily of Emily of Emerald Hill played by Ivan Heng | Credit: Wild Rice

We all need a giggle or two these days, and these three performances will do just that for us.

Local theatre company Wild Rice will be screening some of its most popular performances - Emily of Emerald Hill, Supervision and Monkey Goes West online, starting from 24 April 2020. If you missed the spectacular free screening of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Phantom of the Opera last weekend, this is the one for you.

1. Emily of Emerald Hill

Pictured above: Emily of Emily of Emerald Hill played by Ivan Heng | Credit: Wild Rice

Who is Emily Gan? Is she a heroine or a villain? A woman ahead of her time, or a woman trapped by tradition? Ivan Heng, directed by long-time collaborator Glen Goei, brings to life one of Singapore theatre’s most iconic and complex characters. Together, they tell the fascinating story of an abandoned girl-child who overcomes all odds to emerge as a powerful matriarch in a distinguished household.

Evoking the golden age of Straits-Chinese culture from the 1930s, Stella Kon’s “Emily of Emerald Hill” continues to resonate in the present. Even as women today find fulfilment beyond the roles that circumscribed Emily Gan – as daughter-in-law, wife, mother, home-maker – the question of what a woman must do to succeed in a man’s world remains as pertinent as ever.

Catch it on Youtube from 24 April 2020 (Friday), 7.30pm. Live talkback starts on 30 April 2020 (Thursday), 9pm.

2. Supervision

Pictured above: Yanti of Supervision played by Umi | Credit: Wild Rice

71-year-old Teck, a grumpy retiree, has just suffered a stroke that leaves him wheelchair-bound. When he insists on moving back home, Jenny, his no-nonsense daughter, hires a young Indonesian domestic worker, Yanti, to look after him.

At first, Yanti dutifully follows the strict caregiving regime drawn up by Jenny. But Teck refuses to give up a few of his favourite vices. When Jenny is not around, Yanti gives in to Teck’s demands for fatty, braised pork belly and the occasional cigarette. And yet, somehow, Jenny always knows exactly what is going on…

Thrilling, darkly funny and profoundly moving, Thomas Lim’s Supervision holds up a mirror to our modern world with a rapidly ageing population. Would you give up the things you enjoy in exchange for a few more years? Does working in someone else’s home mean giving up your right to privacy? And to what lengths would you go in order to watch over someone you love?

Catch it on Youtube from 1 May 2020 (Friday), 7.30pm. Live talkback starts on 7 May 2020 (Thursday), 9pm.

3. Monkey Goes West

Pictured above: Monkey Goes West publicity poster | Credit: Wild Rice

When orphan Ah Tang runs away from home after quarrelling with his adoptive family, he finds himself transported to a new, strange land. There, he befriends a trio of fellow travellers: Wukong, the cheeky Monkey King; Pigsy, a brave but always-hungry warrior; and Sandy, a stubborn but loyal river ogre.

Together, the fearless foursome embark on the adventure of a lifetime, one fraught with trials and dangers aplenty. Can they contain the rowdy mischief of the fire-breathing Red Boy? Will they be able to defeat the monstrous shape-shifting King Bull? How in the world will they get their hands on the magic fan of the man-eating Princess Iron Fan? Most importantly, will Ah Tang ever find a place that he can call home, truly?

Catch it on Youtube from 8 May 2020 (Friday), 7.30pm. Live talkback starts on 14 May 2020 (Thursday), 9pm.

With several theatrical legends from Singapore pushing the forefront of these three productions, I think the audience will be in for a great time. Which show will you be watching?

(Contains excerpts taken from Wild Rice.)

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