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Call An Emergency Meeting! You Can Now Play Among Us In 3D!

Credit: InnerSloth, Jar

Did you know that Among Us was originally released in 2018? It’s difficult to guess if it would have been such a hit if a good number of people worldwide did not have to go into quarantine. After all, it is the perfect lockdown game. As a 2D game with simple graphics, it doesn’t require a whole lot of power to run so you can play it on your mobile phone. A degree of randomness keeps each round fresh; will you be a crewmate this round or an impostor?

It’s kind of like the card game Saboteur, except instead of a pointy hat and a beard, everyone’s wearing spacesuits. Plus, everyone’s behind a screen so all the detective work and detection has to happen online. If you’re a veteran player and are looking forward to playing another round with your pals with something new thrown in…

How about a whole new dimension?

Credit: ITC Entertainment

A VR developer named Jar has made a 3D version of The Skeld. You don’t need any virtual reality gear to play, just an internet connection! Here are some screengrabs from the video Jar has posted on YouTube.

Credit: InnerSloth, Jar

Credit: InnerSloth, Jar

Credit: InnerSloth, Jar

If you need to see all of it, you can watch the whole video on YouTube here.

Among Us’ popularity has not shown any signs of abating. As recently as last week, United States House Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made Twitch history with her live-stream of herself playing the game with several popular Twitch streamers. Her stream is now among the top five most viewed streams on Twitch, putting her shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Drake. The goal? To get people to vote in the upcoming U.S. Presidential Elections.

If you still can’t get enough of Among Us, fret not. Though the sequel may be cancelled as of late September, you’ll be happy to know that InnerSloth only did so because they want to improve Among Us’ outdated codebase, to better support the addition of new content.

That’s definitely worth celebrating!

What’s the best round you’ve played in Among Us? Was it with strangers or with friends? Share your experience with us on our Facebook page.


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