5 Boomz Gifts For Your Favourite Boomers

Ris Low immortalised the word boomz, at least in Singapore. But who knew there would be a revival of this word, this time around the world? For the uninitiated, a boomer simply refers to our uncles or aunties of the baby boomer generation, those born between 1946 and 1964. The term 'ok, boomer' is a viral internet slang which gained worldwide attention in November 2019 via TikTok, often used as a retort to mock the attitudes of older people.

No, Gen Z, we are not here to throw shade...

Yes, yes. We feel you when your boomer family members send fake news and rumours about anything and everything under the sun via WhatsApp. Ever receive those articles about 'Doctor X from WHO advices the public to eat weird fruits to cure cancer'? Or the 'Prime Minister will be addressing the nation at 8pm' video links? Trust us when we say we know.

However, labelling our uncles and aunties 'boomers' isn't going to help the situation. Let's embrace their intangible wisdom and willingness to adapt instead. Those precious minds come from decades of trial and error! They lived through Singapore's most historical event - 9 August 1965, and they are the ones who witnessed first-hand how digital technology has evolved since then.

Just in case you are looking for additional reasons to embrace your boomers at home:

• Boomers value interpersonal communication like face-to-face communication. It's easy to get their attention - just perhaps not on social media

• Because they love to share information with their other boomer friends, so if there is a time where you would need to get your name out there, that's the group you should be targeting

• Let's face it - their knees are better at predicting the weather than the stats on Channel News Asia

We have some ideas for the perfect gifts for the boomers. Whether you want to buy a little gift to show your appreciation or to simply apologise for your blunt behaviour thus far, we've compiled a list for you. And the best thing, it's online!

SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Go USB

Pictured above: SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Go USB | Photo credit: Beebom

This shall be the graduation gift after teaching your boomers how to save photos to the USB device. Losing precious photo memories could be a traumatic experience for the older generation.

This USB stick enables file transfers directly from the phone, so they don't have to worry about losing their pictures anymore! This also helps to free up space in their phones so that they are able to watch and download more 'trending' videos like how to make cupcakes in a rice cooker.

Tip: Remember to check the mobile phone's connector type (type-C, lighting...) before purchasing.

The SanDisk Ultra Dual Go USB is available on Shopee from $17 ($3 off min. spend of $60 from now till 5 April 2020).

Singapore Chinatown Wooden Puzzles

Pictured above: Completed 3D puzzle of a shophouse in Chinatown, Singapore | Photo credit: Cat Socrates

Instead of spending long hours in front of the television, why not get this 3D wooden puzzle that resembles an old Chinatown shophouse? Who knows, they make even share those long-forgotten memories of their childhood days.

Made of high-quality plywood, there is enough step-by-step instructions for guidance. Each set takes approximately 3 hours to complete and is a great activity to keep the mind and hands active!

The Singapore Chinatown Wooden Puzzle Set is available on Cat Socrates at $21.30.

Apexel 10-in-1 Phone Lens Kit

Pictured above: Apexel 10-in-1 Phone Lens Kit | Photo credit: Carousell @kkquah91

Some of the greatest photographers are actually our very own boomers. They love their phones as much as their grandchildren do, and selfies are inevitable. They are constantly amazed by the images taken by mobile phones and are invariably trying out those camera functions.

You are bound to blow their minds with the clip-on phone lens kit. 10 different lenses (including fish-eye, macro, wide angle, kaleidoscope...) to keep them occupied. It even comes with a small carrying case, perfect for travelling.

The Apexel 10-in-1 Phone Lens Kit is available on Lazada at $13.70.

TrackR Pixel

Pictured above: TrackR Pixel affixed to car keys | Photo credit: Hardwarezone.com.sg

Smart is the in thing, so keep your favourite (older) person trending! This little contraption helps to find lost and misplaced belongings while looking sleek and futuristic.

The TrackR Pixel is a tiny Bluetooth tracker that helps track items within range, or at least show you the last recorded location.

The TrackR Pixel is available on Zalora from $49.

Blks & Nos. Colouring Book

Pictured above: Blks & Nos. Colouring Book | Photo credit: Localbooks.sg

This is a tear-out-and-frame colouring book filled with images of neighbouring shops, restaurant kitchens and other sights. This is guaranteed to bring back waves of nostalgia and love for Singapore. Each page is painstakingly traced by award-winning illustrator Koh Hong Teng.

Colouring to some people is as therapeutic as playing mahjong. If there are not enough kakis (Singlish for buddy), consider this an alternative instead!

The Blks & Nos. Colouring Book is available on Localbook.sg at $24.90.

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