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Best Things Seen On IG

Do you find it too much to filter through your Instagram searches? We all know the familiar thumb-flicking scrolling, in a daze until our eyes latches its sight onto that post. The one that deserves not only a like, but a gushing comment and share. However, wouldn’t it be nice if someone could help narrow it down to a few awesome posts?

We gotchu’ covered, check out these #instagram posts from these #instaimpressive creators!

Bells For Days

For those of you who’s fallen into the blackhole known as Animal Crossing: New Horizons, AKA Pay-Tom-Nook the Game, seeing intricate customizations of other’s islands and houses would likely inspire you to grind harder for the thousands of décor items the game has to offer. The beautiful Izakaya @yuecrossing has made is definitely no easy feat! It can take up to weeks to source individual items such as the plates, cups, lamps, painting etc.

I’m The Cat, Errol The Cat

Just look at that face! He’s too cute to be legal! @errol.the.cat is the heart-stealer based in UK, he looks a little bit like a fox because he’s a Somali cat. Big ears, bushy tail and a reddish coat. They’re generally the playful sorts, as you will see in Errol’s documented antics. What makes this devilish feline stand out is his assume persona on Instagram, he can be quite the charmer!

A Breakfast Workout

It’s actually quite insane that such work of art is possible. Anime-styled drawings are usually highly detailed, it requires a skilled artist to be able to accomplish these renderings! Compress all that requirements into a short time frame of cooking a pancake, is your mind blown? For @keinagaki, this isn’t a one-time affair, they have a whole archive of pancake art to satisfy our need for aesthetics.

It’s Art Not Food!

Alright, this image just screams – when your mom tells you not to play with your food, but you decided to make art with it instead. There’s just this inherent contentment looking at miniature figurines, now put into funny contexts using everyday items we consume. @tanaka_tatsuya as all good artists, archived all their works in their Instagram profile for our perusal.

Dessert Bamboozled

‘The cake is a lie’ cannot be anymore accurate for this post. If you hadn’t seen its cakey innards, there was no way you would’ve thought it was anything but an eggplant! Level of realism put into these cakes are astonishing, @sideserfcakes does amazing dessert art all available for us to see in her account.

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