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Are You Ready For Singapore Cocktail Festival To Take Over?

Credit: SGCF, @ahsamcolddrinkstall

Established in 2017, the Singapore Cocktail Festival (SGCF) has been plying Singaporeans with all kinds of fancy drinks and introducing us to some of the hidden gems in our city that makes the juice that keeps you happy and warm. This year presents a unique challenge to any event but the Singapore Cocktail Festival is taking it in its stride. In fact, it’s even planning a City Takeover!

When does that happen? 1 November. What does that entail? Well, read on…

Join The Cocktail Gang If you sign up as a member, you’ll get a free wristband that tells the world that you’re a cocktail lover. This wristband will also entitle you to promotions in 22 participating bars around Singapore as well as signature SGCF cocktails.

Credit: @sgcocktailfest

Bring The Whole Bar Home OK, maybe not the whole bar. But how does signature SGCF cocktails crafted by your favourite local bars bottled and sent to your doorstep sound? Come 1 November, we’ll be able to peruse SGCF’s online store and see what to sip all night while marathoning yet another NetFlix series. You know you want to!

Learn From The Best Over the years, SGCF has forged relationships with some of the best, most creative bars in the world. This year some of the world’s best mixologists will hold virtual masterclasses so you too, can enjoy their creations and learn how to make the drinks along with them. Just the right stuff to impress your date!

Credit: SGCF

Gifting With Class Remember when Nutella would let you customize their jar and slap any name on it as long as it was within the character limit? Maybe you ordered a few jars with your pals’ nicknames on them as gag gifts. Well, consider this a big upgrade. With SGCF, you’ll now be able to customize your own cocktails for friends, family or in bulk for the company.

By the way, have you tried any cocktails with a Singaporean twist? How about… The Laksa?

Credit: @ahsamcolddrinkstall

According to Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall, this intriguing drink contains chili padi, lemongrass, lime, fresh laksa leaves, vodka and dried shrimp oil. How’s that for uniquely Singaporean?

The Laksa is a creation of Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall, which is situated along the Singapore River. Living up to its very local name, they serve up hawker fare, classic Singaporean snacks as well as burgers and fries.

Intrigued? Head on over now to SGCF’s website and sign up, so you can enjoy exclusive benefits during this very wet season.

What are some of your favourite conversations you’ve had over drinks? What do you typically get from the bar and has it been the same drink for the last five years?


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