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A Hidden Arts & Crafts Supply Store In The Heart Of Chinatown

Credit: tinyrabbithole

Despite it being located in one of Singapore’s oldest malls in Chinatown, the Golden Dragon store is older. For comparison, the Golden Dragon Store was founded in 1949 and People’s Park Centre was completed in the mid 1970s. As their staying power might suggest, the Golden Dragon Store is much larger than it appears as they also provide wholesale services.

Anyway, if you’re into arts and crafts, especially you love needlecrafts, this is the place for you!

Hidden behind a row of feng shui and foot massage shops, it’s not particularly obvious. But once you’re there, you will be greeted by a vast array of knitting, felting, beading, crocheting and cross-stitching goods. When I visited recently, there was also a small pile of faux leather for bookbinding purposes. They also had tiniest plastic plants for adding a little something to your terrarium or maybe your tabletop model.

Besides from selling craft supplies, they also sell How-To books. The only problem is that most of them are in Japanese.

But if you can’t understand Japanese, you can always join one of their workshops that pop up from time to time. Want to organise some crafting workshops for teambuilding? Or perhaps a Needlecrafting 101 for schoolkids to bond over some handicrafts? You can see how to go about doing that here.

Perhaps best of all, the store seemed to be entirely staffed by aunties. There will be an auntie on standby if you need anything but mostly they leave you alone to your browsing.

Credit: Timeout

Did you pick up any crafting habits during the Circuit Breaker? Or are your perhaps looking to start learning something new?


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