8 TikTok Challenges You Should Try RIGHT NOW

Now that we are probably stuck with our fam-bam, why not take this time to create something memorable and fun together. If you are not already on TikTok, probably the most ‘pops’ (popular) video app in the market, you may want to quickly create an account and start video-ing away.

Some of these challenges are super easy to create while some may take a couple of practices before perfecting that one-take shot. Hey, you have loads of time at home so why not try something fun! Dancing and acting silly during the pandemic can be a form of expression and a break from the flow of depressing news.

1. Plank Challenge

Workouts can be rather boring, especially if you don’t have the fancy equipment like the ones in a gym. Planking is an essential exercise in any workout routine. It not only builds your arm muscles; it also builds core strength. Not gonna lie, it can be quite boring after a while, so why not add some choreography to it. For this, you will need a partner.

There are claps, turns, rolls and jumps to complete this ‘Plank Challenge’, all following the beat of the song. It’s hard work, but also very satisfying when done right.

Difficulty: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

2. #ImJustAKid

This is a very simple and fun activity to do with your family! Played to the song of Simple Plan’s “I’m Just a Kid, the aim is to gather your parents and siblings to recreate past photos. This challenge has gone viral on social media during this quarantine period.

Simply choose one of your favourite childhood photo of you with your parents or siblings and try to recreate the photo to the best you can! Brownie points if you can get the same location too! No points if you post it on a Tuesday or Thursday along with the hashtag #Throwback. It’s too passé.

Difficulty: ⭐⭐

3. #RenegadeChallenge

The ‘Renegade Challenge’ is a choreographed dance sequence using mainly your upper body. It is another viral dance on TikTok with celebrities like Lizzo and Mille Bobby Brown jumping on the bandwagon, busting out those insane moves on their social media accounts.

It’s a relatively easy dance routine and it is only a few seconds long. The trick is to listen and be familiar with the song as the movements are synced with the rhythm. Grab your family members to join in the fun! The younger ones at home are bound to love this too.


4. #BlindingLightChallenge

The ‘Blinding Light Challenge’ is a song from The Weeknd where a group of people dance in unison to the music of “Blinding Light”. These movements, compared to the Renegade Challenge are focused more on the legs instead. Don’t forget the introduction where you dance-run out with your fellow dancers before attempting the challenge.

Just look at how fun Jessica Alba and family are having while simultaneously acing the choreography.

Difficulty: ⭐⭐

5. #FlipTheSwitch

The mirror-selfie gods are listening. This ‘Flip the Switch Challenge’ is set to the track of Drake’s 2018 ‘Nonstop’, where it involves 2 or more people standing in front of the camera. At the lyric “Look, I just flipped the switch,” the pair or trio will swap places, including their outfits.

It’s pretty funny when you have a guy wearing short shorts or a tight-fitting dress, dancing sexily to the song like A-Rod did. Yes, he and J.Lo conquered the challenge, but not as jaw-dropping as the Elizabeth Warren-Kate McKinnon pair.


6. #AlternativeWoahChallenge

Like the hashtag says, this fun but complex challenge is all about variations of showing ‘woah’. The moves are pretty easy to follow but it can get confusing along the way, definitely one that you will need at least 15 minutes to master.

You can do this challenge solo, but it’s always fun to do it with someone else and see who screws up first!

Yes Ashely, I am like you too...

Difficulty: ⭐⭐⭐

7. #SnootChallenge

We didn’t forget your little furkids! Of course we count them as family too. This snoot challenge is one for you and your pet dog or cat. This is by far the purest and cutest challenge we found on TikTok, and a personal favourite where I have personally watched over hundreds of these videos.

Basically, dog owners are making circle or heart shapes with their hands, beckoning the little pups to place their noses through the holes. Of course, don’t add too much pressure to your hands and you shouldn’t be hurting your pets. Some people tried with cats, guinea pigs and even birds!

Difficulty: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (couldn't get my dog to do it!)

8. #SGUnited

Here's something for us Singaporeans! TikTok has partnered with Singaporean radio app Camokakis to roll out this challenge to encourage Singaporeans to maintain good hygiene by showing off their washing rituals on TikTok.

Till date, this challenge has been viewed more than 740,000 times since its launch. This is something the whole family can do together!


Try doing one challenge a day and that’s already a week of activities to do! If you successfully attempted one of the above challenges, we want to see it! Share with us your TikTok videos by tagging us @spottedmediasg on Instagram and Facebook!


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