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8 Kinds Of Singaporeans During Election Period

There are two periods in Singapore where we get to see exactly how our society acts - during GSS and election period. The General Election 2020 will take place on 10 July; and as this hot date looms nearer and nearer, we see different types of Singaporeans emerging.

1. Anti-PAP

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Ah... the most vocal of them all. You'll see them most active in comments section sharing their viewpoints fervently. Most of us try to steer clear of them but perhaps some are secretly cheering them on.

2. PAP Lovers

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The favourite child in the group. Usually made up of Hwa Chong, Raffles and CHIJ alumni. They champion all motions by the ruling party and are well-liked in family gatherings.

3. Last Minute Chiongster

Welcome to the 20s! A few years ago, politics is the last thing in your mind and you tell yourself you don't care who the ruling party is. But 2020 is the first time you're voting and try as you may, you can't seem to pull yourself away from clicking on all the election-related materials like this post.

4. Bo Chup

Of course, there are some that truly do not care who's running for election and what electoral boundary their estate is in. Are they truly oblivious or just secretly undecided? We don't know. But we are sure these people are probably primary school kids.

5. The Follower

Depending on the "friends of the month", these groupies change political allegiance with a selected party easily - it can be PSP this month, and PAP the next.

6. Sir Know-It-All

We all have a friend like this. People around these kind of person may be afraid to bring up politics because Sir Know-it-All may go into a tirade of angry opinions. CPF? He knows all about it. He knows how much is Singapore's yearly GDP and what he would do if he was the prime minister.

7. Blur Sotong

"What? You mean Lee Hsien Yang is the brother of PM Lee?!!11" The Blur Sotong is unable to engage in any sort of political discussion because the last President he knows is S.R. Nathan (god bless his soul).

8. First-Time & Anxious

It's the first time you're voting and you're anxious as hell. The air of social awkwardness you're emitting as you walk into the polling booth is peaking - trust me, we can see. But hang in there and by the next election, you'll be a pro and maybe become a Sir Know-It-All.

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*This article is satirical and not based on any facts.

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