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5 Stalls To Try Before Golden Mile Food Centre Goes Bye-Bye

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Golden Mile Food Centre will be closing come December for major renovation works that will take until March 2021. The last time the historic food centre was closed, it was for almost half a year! So if you’ve heard about the wide variety of delectable treats it has to offer, it’s time to stop dilly-dallying and make a visit.

During the period of closure, the hard-working hawkers of Golden Mile Food Centre will be taking a well-deserved break as there are no suitable nearby locations for them to move to.

Here we catalogue 5 stalls you should try before Golden Mile Food Centre is temporarily shut.

Kheng Fatt Hainanese Beef Noodles (#01-89)

Credit: @joelkoh

There’s nothing like a hearty bowl of hot beef noodles. At Kheng Fatt, Mr. Cheng has been serving up bowls of beef noodles for decades. You can opt for Dry Beef Noodles or Soupy Beef Noodles. There are also optional extras, like beef tendon and beef balls. Interestingly, they do not sell their extras a la carte, as all their dishes come with rice noodles! Adding to the flavour is the grated peanut they sprinkle over all their dishes, along with some kiam chye or preserved salted vegetables. Ask for their cincalok if it is not provided – the pungent condiment helps to add an extra kick to the dish.

Charlie’s Peranakan Food (#B1-30)

Credit: @mightyfoodie

Charlie’s Peranakan Food is run by Charlie himself and his wife, Amy. Charlie has been selling his Peranakan dishes since the 1980s; his culinary master was none other than his mother! Some of the dishes are seasonal as the ingredients required are not always available. One of the things Charlie’s Peranakan Food is known for is its dizzying array of dishes you can choose from. There’s Nangka Lemak, which is curry made with young, unripe jackfruit and coconut milk. There’s Assam Fish, in which a whole pomfret is served resting on assam gravy. Can never get enough gravy? Charlie’s also serves a small bowl of assam gravy with vegetables along with his Assam Fish. One of the crowd-pleasers is of course the Ayam Buah Keluak, although Charlie’s also does a pork version of the same dish. Many patrons are wooed by the tender flesh of the chicken infused with the robust and unmistakable flavour of buah keluak.

Kopi More (#01-49)

Credit: @chew.and.chill

When you’re done with stuffing yourself with Golden Mile Food Centre’s best, sit down for a cup of coffee from Kopi More with a kaki for some chit chat. Set up in 2017 by Mr. Lawrence who was formerly in the petroleum industry, Kopi More serves up traditional Nanyang style coffee with an expresso machine. Why use an expresso machine instead of the good ol’ sock? For less acidity and a smoother, more consistent mouthfeel. To ensure the freshest taste, he only grounds his coffee in small batches. He still roasts his coffee the same way all our favourite coffee shop hawkers do, with sugar and margarine. Sceptical? Kopi More has even scored a review on Makansutra due to word of mouth, from foodie retirees whose favourite pastime is to trawl Singapore for new and fresh eats!

Mr. Baguette (#B1-51)

Credit: @vanessa_kou

With more than 20 different flavours to choose from, chances are you will be staring at the menu for a while, wondering just what to pick. Opened in 2013 by Mr. Wee, all treats at Mr. Baguette come in the form of a round baguette about the size of a typical man’s fist. Many of their baguettes are lava baguettes, which means a generous filling every time and also a mess if you come unprepared! Their top sellers are the Baguette Lava, which is filled with hot chocolate lava with a hint of salt and their Baguette Tart, which is their spin on the classic Portuguese Egg Tart. Those with tastes veering more towards the savoury than the sweet can consider their Carbonara Baguette or their Cheese Lava, which is made from 4 different kinds of cheese.

Chung Cheng Chili Mee (#01-59)

Credit: @urchinsg

Attention, chilli lovers! Did you know you can buy a pack of Chung Chung’s special chili blend for only $3? That’s how popular their chili is. A blend of belacan along with some secret spices, it tends towards the more savoury than spicy side, which means you can have more of it. Choose from Chili Mee, which comes with slices of fish cake, bean sprouts, prawns and even pork ribs. Or try their Prawn Mee, which comes with a soup that’s a little sweet and herbal in taste. There’s also Laksa, which comes with all the classic Laksa ingredients you’ve come to expect, like a boiled egg, tau pok and bean sprouts. Instead of hum or cockles, Chung Cheng puts pork bones into the Laksa soup, for some extra oomph.

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Now, are you ready to plan your trip to Golden Mile Food Centre? Why not make a date with some friends and try all the things before December is here?


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