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5 Hot Local Desserts For Miserable Weather

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According to our local meteorological services, the weather this month is expected to be a toss up between the usual (re: scorching and humid) and thundery showerstorms. For those who are allergic to the cold, this is a good time to seek out some of our local gems in the form of hot desserts.

Bubur Chacha

My Peranakan grandmother taught all her children how to make this local staple and now her grandchildren are reaping the benefits and putting on the kilograms. With sweet potatoes chunks soaked in warm coconut milk infused with pandan leaves and bite-sized tapioca jelly cubes tossed in, this colourful staple is a crowd pleaser. #confirmguaranteepluschop

Some places you can get your Burchur Chacha fix are: Blanco Court Hot & Cold Desserts at Old Airport Road Food Centre, Straits Chinese Nyona Restaurant at Chinatown Plaza and House of Dessert at Tampines Round Market and Food Centre.


Palkova is a traditional Southern Indian dessert. The main ingredients are milk and sugar, though many people also add in cardmom and ghee. It can be moulded into many shapes once it is done cooking. Fair warning though, this is definitely for those with a #sweethtooth

You can find Palkova on Lazada.sg and bawas.sg these days but your best bet for a fresh palkova is in Little India! Try Moghul Sweets in Little India Arcade, a confectionery shop that serves both sweet and savoury treats.

Soya Beancurd

Commonly known as Tau Hway, soya beancurd is very soft and is often mildly to quite sweet. It is served hot or cold although personally I’ve always preferred warm tau hway, as I find it comforting, like having a cup of tea.

You can get tau hway at lots of places, although the most well-known ones are probably Lao Ban Soya Beancurd at Old Airport Road Hawker Centre and Rochor Original Beancurd at 2 Short Street.

Durian Pengat

Famous for its custard-like texture, Durian Pengat takes a lot of time and energy to make. First, one has to melt blocks of gula melaka (palm sugar) in pandan leaf infused water over low heat. Then, coconut milk and cream is added after the mixture is strained. When the right temperature is achieved, one then adds in durian pulp with salt. This mixture is then tended to with great care, until the right consistency is achieved. The yam and sweet potato cubes found in Durian Pengat are steamed in advance, so that when the pengat is ready, it can poured over them immediately.

Durian Pengat can be found at Sinpopo, at 458 Joo Chiat Road, Straits Café at Rendezvous Hotel and Street 50 Restaurant and Bar at The Bay Hotel located at 50 Telok Blangah Road.

Pulut Hitam

Although its consistency is like porridge, you are unlikely to find pulut hitam dull in any respect. Its striking black and white colour is due to it being black glutinous rice served with coconut milk. It is then sweetened by adding both palm and rock sugar.

You can find pulut hitam at Epiphyte at 47 Neil Road, Indocafe The White House at 35 Scotts Road and Sinpopo at 458 Joo Chiat Road

Did we miss any of your old favourites? What hot dessert do you like to have on a cold day?

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