5 Dalgona Recipes To Try At Home

Pictured above: Search results of #dalgonacoffee on Instagram

There is no limit when it comes to ideas people around the world come up with when they are in a lockdown. From homemade parody videos to trending hashtags like #untiltomorrow where people post an embarrassing photo of their past and of course, collage of faces in a Zoom meeting of people they don’t talk to as much in real life. But nothing beats the coffee trend – quarantine coffee aka Dalgona coffee!

Basically, it is a beverage (usually served chilled) topped with a big dollop of soft, cloud-like frothed coffee foam which rests atop a full glass of milk. Think of it as a reversed latte. The reason people are going crazy over it is because it truthfully looks so gorgeous – even for a sceptic like myself - plus you only need 3 ingredients that are readily available at home: instant coffee granules, water and sugar! Don’t know, don’t question us how the science behind it works, it just does - as proved by millions around the world.

The surge in popularity began on TikTok, with the hashtag #DalgonaCoffee garnering over 10 million views. It sounds Korean because when actor Jung Il-Woo appeared on the Korean TV show, ‘Pyunstorang’ in January, he shared about the time he had the drink in Macau, and gave it a nickname dalgona for its resemblance to the traditional Korean sponge candy of the same name.

Pictured above: Traditional Korean sponge candy | Credit: Maangchi

Pfft! We are taking it up a notch by introducing Dalgona coffee -inspired variations that Singaporeans can try it out at home! Just think about all the possibilities with our instant beverage stocks at NTUC.

Original Dalgona Coffee

And you, and you, Dalgona love meee...


  • 2-3 tbsp of instant coffee

  • 2 tbsp of sugar

  • 2 tbsp of hot water

Whisk equal portions of the ingredients above for approximately 5 minutes till it becomes light and airy. If you feel that your arms are starting to sore, you are on the right track. You will see a change in texture and stop when peaks are formed. Place one or two dollops of the mixture onto a glass of milk.

Dalgona Matcha Latte

You’ve got a latte work to do


  • 2 tbsp of 3-in-1 instant matcha latte powder

  • 2 tbsp of hot water

  • 2 tbsp of whipped cream

The recipe is pretty much the same, just substituting the instant coffee with matcha latte powder. Depending on how sweet your 3-in-1 instant powder is, you may add sugar on your own.

Whisk till it it turns into a light green frothy texture. Then lightly fold whipped cream into the mixture and pour onto a glass of milk.

Dalgona White Rabbit Milkshake



  • 2 tbsp of Hot Kid Milk Beverage

  • 2 tbsp (~30g) of salted cream cheese

  • 2 tbsp of whipped cream

Mix the Hot Kid Milk Beverage and salted cream cheese together, then lightly fold whipped cream into the mixture and pour onto a glass of milk.

Dalgona Milo

Mi-looo, it's me...


  • 3 tbsp of 3-in-1 MILO powder

  • 2 tbsp of hot water

  • 2 tbsp of whipped cream

Kids are going to love this! Whisk 3-in-1 Milo powder with equal portions of hot water for approximately 3 minutes till it becomes frothy. Then lightly fold whipped cream into the mixture and pour onto a glass of milk.

Tip: Change it up a little with the variety of instant milo packets in the market. Gao Siew Dai Dalgona, maybe?

Dalgona Peach Milk Tea

You wanna peach of me?


  • 2 tbsp of peach tea powder

  • 3 tbsp of coffee creamer

  • 2 tbsp of whipped cream

Firstly, mix the 3-in-1 peach tea powder with the coffee creamer till evenly mixed. Then whisk whipped cream for approximately 3 minutes till it becomes light and airy and scoop dollops of foam onto a glass of milk. Add a little finesse by sprinkling some rose buds or edible flower petals.

From us at Spotted! to you, salud!

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