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16 Gifts For Dad According To His Personality Type

It's the time of the year when we thank the dads in our lives for all the things they've done for us. This year will be a little different due to the global pandemic, where places we usually go to celebrate Father's Day are mostly closed.

Dads come in many forms. So which type is YOUR dad-of-your-life? As we celebrate the unique qualities our dads possess, we've sussed out some cool gifts for them, according to their personality.

#1: Party Champion

The Party Champion is the kind of dad that does not ruin the fun even with a few kids! This usually involves a beer or two. For this fun-loving dad, beer gifts would be sure to tickle him. With beer places closed till further notice, it would be best to keep dad at home by bringing the party to him.

On this special occasion, allow him to don on his best party clothes, such as the Parrot Print Bespoke Tailored Shirt ($93.78), and surprise him with a Homebrew Lager Starter Kit ($175) so he can make his own craft drinks. Get the party raving with the JBL Pulse 4 Bluetooth Speaker ($322) and of course if he goes out, a Zouk All Day Face Mask ($14.05) is a must.

#2: OCD Master

Who says cleaning supplies are passé? For the OCD Master, nothing annoys him more than a misaligned shelf or a sliver of dust on the windowsill. With your gifts, watch this organised dad show the world how he is in control of his life.

The OCD Master needs to be clean even in the most discrete places, as well as simplify his life to make things as productive as possible. Therefore, the Shoe Pourri ($16.53) ensures that his feet is always smelling like roses. The Portable Labeller ($47.90) is a dream come true for the OCD master as he can finally organise his life with customised thermal stickers, and does the Cannon Portable Document & Receipt Scanner ($399) which is perfect for his work or home organisation (no need to leave the work desk to go to the shared scanner anymore!). Lastly, the greatest fear for the OCD Master is to lose his phone with its organised folders and precious albums - so check out the TrackR Pixel ($49).

#3: DIY Expert

What are you going to do without your DIY Expert dad? He is the one that fixes that spoiled bulb; he is the reason you go to IKEA and he is always seen fidgeting with something.

For this special dad, stoke his imagination and curb his tactile cravings with special DIY gifts. Surprise him with a Robotics DIY Game Console ($92.52) and watch him enjoy the fruits of his labour at the end of the day. If he's the one to capture those family moments, perhaps he'll like the Smartphone Photography Kit ($56.50) which comes with a handheld stabiliser, lights and microphone. Throw in a 10-in-1 Lens Kit ($35) to complete the set.

If you're feeling sophisticated, gift him a Bicycle-Making Kit ($484) which is a bike made out of bamboo. Talk about saving the environment! Otherwise, consider a DIY Perfume Kit ($188) and let him experiment making his own fragrance.

#4: The Great Geek

Forget mod-computers and game consoles - tech geeks take pride in their mainstream equipment so I would say, just leave it to the pros. When it comes to gifts for The Great Geek, it is best to invest in novelty and something that can bring a little fun in his life.

Put a little romance in plain ol' tech with the Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger ($142.26). You can send your Father's Day messages to this box anywhere in the world, and reuse it over and over again. Let your favourite man find sweet nothings every day! Other gadgets that will make him go 'wow, cool!' is the Parrot Mambo Fly ($135), a camera drone which is easy to learn. For home techs, the Amazon Echo Dot 3 ($58) is a smart speaker with in-build Alexa.

If all these is still too mainstream, how about gifting a Build Your Own Smartphone Kit ($30) by RePhone? We always need a spare phone lying around anyway and this makes for a compact option.

It's in our culture to not fuss over dads as much as moms, so practical gifts are always welcome. Show some love for our superdads this Father's Day!

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