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15 Things You Should Google But You Didn’t

Credit: Quartz, Shaaa_maae

In this modern day and age, information has become so accessible that it has permanently changed how we consume anything from the world. Search engines like Google archives incomprehensible amount of data, and still is compiling new ones every single second. It does make us overlook certain things that were once common knowledge, as technology advancements rapidly turned from novelty to everyday use. Here are 15 things you should Google but didn’t!


Typist in the past once used the alphabetical layout, but problems arose as they got too fast at typing, causing either the typewriter to jam or breaking the flow of typing as the arms of the typist would get jammed. Resulting in the birth of the QWERTY layout.

Holes Below Padlocks

Credit: balu_jewelry, steemit

There’s an odd hole below the padlock, and it has a very practical function. It allows water to drain out during a rain, avoiding water logging or mechanisms jamming. Also, it can be used to oil the interior of the lock.

iPhone Camera Mic

For iPhone users, this dot between your camera and flash is actually a microphone. To record sounds while you use this camera to record videos.

Smell of Space

Have you ever wondered what would space smell like? Odd question, but it is stated that in space, astronauts had described it to smell like burnt steak. A plausible explanation would be due to oxidation, a chemical reaction which occurs within the spacecraft during re-pressurisation.

USB Logo Inspiration

You may not realise that the USB logo looks awfully similar to another iconic 3-pointed item in mythology. The logo was actually modelled after the trident of Poseidon. As the trident symbolises power, the USB is a technological advancement that powers many of today’s tech. The central arrow represents serial data, the circle represents the voltage that USB works on (5V), and the square represents the ground voltage.

Heels Were Once Men’s Fashion

Men of today would ridicule the idea of themselves fashioning heels, however men in the 17th century would beg to differ. As during the 10th, the idea of adding a raised heel to the shoe would help your foot stay more firmly in the stirrups while riding a horse. The addition stayed, and ultimately turned into a fashion trend in the 17th century. Heels then are the equivalent of our today’s Yeezy, it meant you were rolling in status and cash.

Hole on the Pen Cap

We’re sure all of us had either used, or seen this pen. It’s one of the most common model of ballpoint pen. Though if anyone remembered, there was a rumour about the pen drying out faster because of the hole in the pen cap. A strategy to get us to buy more pens. In reality, it was designed this way to prevent choking if swallowed. Especially for young children.

Toilet Paper’s Impact

What has a call of mother nature got to do with the impact of toilet paper? Clogging up the pipes? Actually, the production of toilet papers impacts the environment. Nearly 30,000 trees are chopped everyday for the global demands for toilet paper. Not to mention production of these trusted items. Use a bidet or spray next time if you have it.

Croissants Didn’t Come from France

Croissants have long been associated to be deeply French, we all tried to nail the way to say it in that authentic French accent. However, despite its French name Croissants actually came from Vienna, Austria.

Plane’s Round Windows

This is common knowledge passed and easily forgotten. We used to have square windows, but it was quickly noted that the shape couldn’t handle the stress of the different internal and external air-pressure. Why? As it has 4 weak points, in its 4 corners. Which is why the modern-day plane windows are rounded, an even distribution of stress.

Spaghetti Spoon

If you thought the hole in the spoon is to drain off excess water, it’s actually quite ingenious, but not it’s true function. It’s an accurate measure of a single serving of spaghetti. And all this time you’ve been eye-balling it, now it’s one less thing to use agarration on.


This ever-popular snack’s name is widely recognised, but did you know what does it stand for? M&M’s are the last names of Forest Mars and Bruce Murrie. Mars developed a method to coat drops of chocolate with a hard candy shell. Murrie’s the son of the founder of Hershey’s. Even though they had a falling out in 1949, the name of the brand cemented itself with 2 Ms.

Yellow Pencils

The reason as to why most traditional pencils are coloured yellow might be unexpected. Manufacturers back in the 1890s, wanted people to know they used only the highest-grade graphite for lead, which came from China. Yellow is the traditional Chinese colour of Chinese royalty.

Why Sneakers are Sneakers?

Except if you were to stub the bottom soles of the sneaker against the floor, creating a squeak, generally it doesn’t make much noise while walking does it? That’s how sneakers got their name.

Shoelace Tips

The plastic or metal tips that are on both ends of your shoelaces are actually called aglets. It’s tiny and unremarkable, but try tying your laces without them. Aglets have been around since ancient Rome, usually made out of stone or glass back then. The word ‘aglet’ originates from the old French ‘aiguillette’, it meant needle.

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