15 Fun & Easy Craft Activities To Do With Your Kids, According To Their Ages

There are many creative and fun ways to keep children engaged. Sometimes, we let them play with tablets and phones to keep them occupied for a few hours, but they do get restless after a while and seek other fun ways to make themselves happy.

Crafting is a great way to not only allow kids to unleash their creativity and imagination, it is a great way to bond with them too. Parents, just make sure you are not there to nitpick on beautifying their artwork. After all, art and craft is about having fun!

Here are 15 easy and fun craft activities to bond with your kids.

Ages 2 to 5


Finger-painting and hand-printing are often the very first painting experience children will encounter. While they may not exactly know what they are creating, it is about letting them play with paint and having that sensory feeling at a young age.

Finger painting artwork ranges from creating flowers to animals or even beautiful sights of nature! Even creating a simple hand printing of a family tree is a beautiful memento to treasure in the coming years.

Painting with materials

The next step is to venture into using materials when painting. A fork imprint creates beautiful lotus flowers, while using a bubble wrap creates colourful flowers on a branch. Check out these videos for some inspiration.

Dot sticker name

Teach your child how to spell his or her name by introducing the alphabets with coloured dot stickers!

Spell out your child’s name on a piece of large paper and ask your child to trace the letters using the coloured dot stickers.

Pasta Necklace

Okay, we know you shouldn’t play with food, but in this case, it’s for a good cause. Let your children learn some motor skills by painting and threading uncooked pasta into a necklace or a home decoration! This activity never gets old for the family. Remember to wear the necklace when you pick your child from school the next time around.

Simply take a bunch of hollowed pasta (eg. penne) and prepare a few water colour paints along with some paintbrushes. Once the pasta is all painted/coloured, leave it to dry for a day and thread it with a string till its desired length. You can also view tutorials here and here.

DIY binoculars

All you need are 2 toilet paper rolls, glue and paints for this easy project. We believe most of you have done this fun craft activity at some point in your childhood and you probably enjoyed it, didn’t you? Now that most of our family members are at home, this means more toilet paper rolls to play with!

Gather as many toilet paper rolls and coloured materials you have – be it markers, crayons or paint. Glitters or wrapping papers are welcomed. When you are satisfied with the artwork, staple the two rolls together and let it dry for a few hours. Tie a string around the binoculars to make a neck strap, just like the ones we see on National Geographic.

Age 6 to 9

Draw a cute unicorn

We know how daunting drawing may sound, especially when it comes to creatures or animals that we love. Unicorns are well-loved by children for its mystical element and colourful imagery.

Here’s a tutorial on how to draw a cute unicorn. We recommend you learning and mastering it before teaching your child, instead of asking him or her to learn it through the video.

Glitter jars and bottles

The use of glitter jars and bottles are not just for children. Many adults make this as their ‘calm down’ jar to help them relax. This can actually be something your child – and you -may find useful. Parents also use this as a ‘time-out’ timer, asking their child to watch the jar until the flakes have all fallen before allowing them to leave the time-out area.

It’s beautiful, soothing and practical.


Origami is not just for children. There are origami masters in the world who are able to fold paper into intricate structures that are out of this world, like this one.

Let your child aspire to be one of the greats by starting out with simple projects such as folding a paper fish or a dinosaur.

Follow the instructions in these videos and if your kid finds the process too easy, you may be looking at a genius in-the-making.

Cotton swabs painting

All you need are cotton swabs, rubber bands, acrylic paints and a canvas. Honestly, this video makes me want to start my journey on cotton swab painting right now. The end result not only looks like a million bucks, it looks like an activity both children and adults will fancy! All you need is an image in mind and let your hands do the talking.

Rainbow décor

For some reason, rainbow makes us happy. Perhaps it is because the beauty of nature as it only appears after rain, signifying a promise of sunshine on the horizon. Creating a rainbow décor for the room will hopefully be able to remind you or your child to look for something positive each day. Parents, you may need to supervise this activity as it involves a lot of cutting.

Age 10 to 12

Rainbow tree

If your child enjoys painting, get a few canvases for them to explore the art. This rainbow tree acrylic painting involves a few techniques with the paintbrush, but it isn’t too difficult. In any case, motivate your child to try again till they are happy with the results.

Melt crayon

This art project is great for the whole family to do, since it involves using a hairdryer or a heat gun. You want to make sure safety comes first. Think about what kind of silhouette you are going for, before arranging the crayons according to their colours. This takes a little more time to complete but we promise it will look fabulous when done right.

Pretty flowers

With simple materials that can be found at home, try out some flowery projects this stay-home period. Some of the activities in this video only take less than 10 minutes to complete and the results are pretty satisfying. From tissue paper flowers to DIY coloured flowers, it is enough to make it a weekend project for the family.


Slime pretty much remains all the rage right now. We still see many children playing and making slime, enjoying the squishiness it brings. The novelty of this craft is a great lesson for parents to let your children explore with making their own crafts because a secondary school teenager was making about $5000 monthly selling slime in Singapore!

Flower tree drawing

Oil pastels are needed for this drawing of a silhouette of a tree full of flowers. The fun parts in this project are blending the colours together with a piece of tissue, as well as peeling the tape off at the end to reveal the finished product. It is a simple but very lovely craft activity.

There are hundreds and thousands of craft activities out there. What are some of your favourites?

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