10 Local Spotify Podcasts That Are Confirm Shiok To Listen To

Podcasts are slowly gaining popularity in recent years. Like books and videos, genres of podcasts are unlimited - from motivational talks, fiction storytelling, hawker banter, celebrity interviews, pop culture talks, and the list goes on. If you are new to podcasts, it may seem rather overwhelming at a glance. Our advice is to take your time to find out what interest you and start with a topic that you already love. The aural experience is different from reading books or watching YouTube videos, but it still is an informative and entertaining much-needed escapism.

Here are 10 Singapore podcasts to check out.

Yah Lah BUT

Created and hosted by Haresh Tilani and Terence Chia, the brains behind YouTube channel, Ministry of Funny, Yah Lah BUT presents an uncensored view on social topics, events and sometimes even controversial issues you wouldn’t even post on your personal Facebook page. They have covered topics ranging from ‘Singapore Social’, PMDs, influencer culture and even the recent Ivan Lim-PAP saga. They present an insightful discussion about these hard-hitting topics with empathy, unprejudiced views and just the right amount of humour.

Listen to the podcast here.

Randomly Relatable SG

Credit: Randomly Relatable SG

3 youths got together slightly a year ago to talk about events, issues, gossips and everything under the sun that Singaporeans can relate to. As young adults, they bring their own perspective on these topics, voicing out their opinions and thoughts freely on the channel. Randomly From interviews with influencers to Carousell stories and racism in Singapore, tune in to Randomly Relatable SG if you're looking for unfiltered opinions and latest happenings.

Listen to the podcast here.

The Financial Coconut

‘Money is enough,’ says no one ever! While this podcast isn’t going to give you insider tips on which stocks to buy or sell, it gives you a better understanding about the financial landscape and the economy that will help you make more informed choices. From debunking financial myths to discovering the best financial practices, The Financial Coconut is perfect for people like myself who want to learn how to stretch a dollar but not sure where to start.

Listen to the podcast here.

Ghost Map

Credit: Listen Notes

Love those horror stories told during your campfire days? Then you will love this podcast as the narrator tells you the supernatural stories in Singapore and Southeast Asia, inspired by the actual accounts shared by people. I can’t get through one episode because horror and I simply don’t go together, but if you are one that love the thrills of a spooky story, then we suggest you off the lights and listen with your headphones.

Listen to the podcast here.

Ahhhhhhhhh! Sorry was a little distracted with the podcast. Moving on -


Credit: Podchaser

Podcaster Shida Osman is the creator of podcast, ADOSSIER (pronounced ‘Ae dossier’), the imaginary friend who shares with you her thoughts on topical issues ranging from sex education, the killing of George Floyd to the recent OkLetsGo saga. She doesn’t shy away from sharing her opinions and insights, which is probably the best kind of BFF we hope to have in real life.

Listen to the podcast here.


Credit: Listen Notes

There is no manual on how to be the best parent in the world. The journey can often be unpredictable and chaotic. Created by Focus on the Family Singapore, a donor-supported Institution of Public Character (IPC), ParentEd aims to help parents know that they are not alone in this journey. Hear all about the honest conversations about marriage, parenting and work life from everyday people who love their children as much as you do.

Listen to the podcast here.

The Tea with Dee

YouTuber and media personality Dee Kosh launched his podcast earlier this year, serving all the gossips, saucy stories and interviews weekly. Each episode, he invites catfishe(s) and guests on the show to share their raw and uncensored take on trending matters - from the hoo-ha surrounding the influencer sphere to current affairs affecting our everyday lives.

Listen to the podcast here.

Nuggets On The Go

Credit: Listen Notes

Like the name of the podcast suggests, Nuggets On The Go gives you simple and direct real estate tips lasting on average no more than 10 minutes. Created by PropertyLimBrothers, this podcast gives you advice, facts and know-hows on the real estate market - whether you are looking to buy your first home or investing in properties, we say there’s no harm listening from experts in the field during your commute to work.

Listen to the podcast here.

Longkang Kitties

If you are looking for a podcast to laugh along with, listen to the podcasters’ jokes and banters, then Longkang Kitties is the one you’re looking for. Three guys and a gal have no-holds-barred conversations on social-political subjects. They often argue, mock and laugh at one another, but that’s one of the entertaining aspects on this colloquial show. Additionally, they release an adorable kitty-inspired graphic with each new episode, what’s not to love?

Listen to the podcast here.

In the Vitrine

Credit: Sound Cloud

Fashion researchers and teachers Dani and Nadya chat about the fashion world: the business and culture in Singapore and rest of Asia, as well as the pleasures of historical and contemporary fashion scene throughout the years. Topics ranges from top fashion weeks around the world to fashion photography; styles to techniques, these educators share what they’ve learnt from textbooks and classrooms to the runway.

Listen to the podcast here.

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